Working with organisations to improve test effectiveness and efficiency to achieve greater productivity


Providing a variety of courses/workshops to increase the skills of the test team so that they can reach their full potential


Enabling organisations to focus on delivering courses without the need to develop or maintain the course materials


Helping individuals and organisations by contributing various ideas and concepts to the testing community

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Lloyd Roden Consultancy offers a variety of practical software testing solutions through the training of individuals and teams and through consultancy assignments.

Confidence in testing is a vital aspect for any organisation in delivering products that meet expectations from a quality, cost and time perspective. Lloyd Roden Consultancy can help establish and improve this confidence through the timely, accurate and relevant information being provided by testing.

Value in what testing contributes to projects must be measured and monitored and a good return on investment achieved. In this tough economic climate we are often asked to do "more with less", but maybe the question for us to ask is "can we do more, and can we do it better?". Lloyd Roden Consultancy can not only help show the value of testing but also how this value can be increased.

Investment in people is probably one of the most important contributions employers can make to their staff. Lloyd Roden Consultancy offers a wide variety of training courses that can improve the test and test management skills within your organisation.